Melmax Music

Melmax MusicMelmax Music is a publishing company created in 2001 by Philippe Daniel.

The company is not focused on one specific music genre and their signing policy is extremely focused in order that they have the opportunity to work deeply with the talents they have discovered.

Jean-Luc PontyMany of today’s publishers approach songwriters and catalogue owners with two things in mind: market share and bragging rights whereas Melmax Music consider their publishing relationships like partnerships, working closely with their writers and sub-published catalogues in creating song-driven plans capable of bringing increased attention to their body of work.

Europa LeagueMelmax is greatly attracted by creating contacts between their artists and foreign writers and also provides a competitive admin service compared to any French major publisher.

As a marketing driven company, Melmax Music is dedicated to the proactive placement of works in a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional outlets.